Joe Sparrow : who?

These are some of the things I do, which I suppose make me who I am:

  • Run a new music blog that is now hopelessly mis-named;
  • Tweet about which 90s chart-house hits I’m furtively playing;
  • Do occasional dogsbody things for the amazing Hype Machine;
  • Gulp coffee & imagine the future of music and tech;
  • Write & make things appear online re: the above, for money;
  • Whelp odd blogs like Bad Cover Versions (now “resting”);
  • Advise, liaise with & strategise for winsome new artists.

Previously, I was a radio DJ, a visual artist and an office monkey.

Cynics might suggest that these latter experiences make me a verbose bullshitter with an inordinate familiarity of shuffling data around spreadsheets.

Yes, there is an appropriate .gif response to that school of thought.