Joe Sparrow : what / why?

What do you believe in?
These are things I believe are true, and, I suppose, try to live by:

  • There’s limited merit in consistency: keep looking forward
  • Consistency is 90% useful: keep what works (see previous point)
  • A great song still sounds great on AM radio/128kbs
  • Burn some bridges; see what happens!

Why is this called Terelinck?

  • It’s my middle name
  • It’s the surname of my great-great granddad, from Holland
  • I like to kid myself that we have the same cheekbones.

Why is that yellow circle up there?

  • It’s me next to some graffiti in Manchester, where I once lived
  • The camera was stolen; now only this low-res version exists
  • The graffiti is now obscured, so the photo is not replicable
  • That’s probably a metaphor, but I haven’t figured it out yet.