Joe Sparrow : The Target Shoots Next

I’ve launched a new weekly radio show. It’s called The Target Shoots Next and you can listen to it every week on Mixcloud. The songs in the show are chosen by a rotating cast of anonymous industry insiders: each week, I ask them what their favourite song or artists is, and they tell me. Maybe it’ll be their newest protégé, the next big thing, an over-hyped wannabe… or maybe it won’t.

The point is: you’ll know what they’re really listening to. So, if you like minor insider industry gossip, playing guessing games, and/or listening to good music, subscribe to the show, and follow me on Twitter to get updates and other info about this moderately dumb one-note radio show.

It’s called The Target Shoots Next, because these anonymous industry bods picking the songs are the targets for manipulation, persuasion, and attention. It’s them who make fundamental decisions about songs and artists, and the twist is that they may – or may not! – actually be into something else entirely.

Their job is to shoot first – to pre-empt public opinion on an artist, music, label, etc. that they work with. But there’s a good-to-middling chance that what they’re actually excited about is something off Astral Weeks, or some old Mr. Fingers 12″ B-side they found on Youtube, or maybe they’re stuck listening to The Low End Theory for the millionth time.

Hence The Target Shoots Next: it seems reasonable to assume that their first priority is the music these insiders are really passionate about, and then what their job dictates. That’s my logic anyway. (And that’s why all suggestions are anonymous.)

I lifted the show’s name from a brilliant music industry documentary called The Target Shoots First by Chris Wilcha. You can watch the documentary here, as well as read some more info and my thoughts on what it all means. (Apart from why the documentary is called The Target Shoots First – answers are welcome.)

Like the documentary, hopefully the songs in the show will shine light onto all the confusion, bullshit, and guesswork that accompanies building a multi-billion dollar business around art, artists, highly subjective opinions, deeply-drawn emotions, and melodies.

And if you’re a Music Biz Insider™ and would like to anonymously share the song that you really like: