Joe Sparrow : Selected posts from MONTAG Issue 1

It’s hard to believe that in under a year, MONTAG has blossomed from “weirdo blog that Grover commissioned for reasons that are not yet fully fleshed-out” into “weirdo blog that now has a really good weekly newsletter, a remarkably coherent podcast, and a frankly stunning print edition.”

And while a huge chunk of that is down to the talent of the contributors and artists I have the pleasure of editing, I was really happy to have been able to write some stuff that I’m fairly sure I wouldn’t have got away with anywhere else. Such are the joys of being your own editor, I guess.

Here are a few of the Greatest Hits* that I wrote for Issue 1: Together Tomorrow. Click through to read the full thing…

TODAY’S DYSTOPIA: Farenheit 451 Is the world that Ray Bradbury describes in Fahrenheit 451 – a controlling, authoritarian horror-show, occupied by puppet-humans for whom individual thought is, erm, unthinkable – actually so different to 2017?

Memento Mori: would you keep a dead relative as a VR pet?: How will we deal with death in the future – when we can recreate dead people in VR?

VR: the Victorian Revolution: how new is our newest technology? If you showed a VR headset to someone from the 1800s, they might not be as freaked out as you think…

And if that’s whetted your appetite, you can read the rest here, over at MONTAG.WTF.

*your milage may vary